June 09, 2020

This poor cat was found in the middle of the road after suffering the most unspeakable cruelty one could imagine.

Genos was found by Protect Me Albania unable to move in the middle of the road. Despite being on lockdown enforced by martial law in Albania, rescuers could not leave this sweet boy after seeing his heartbreaking injuries. There was no one around where Genos was found, but after taking a closer look at his injuries doctors believe that this poor boy had his legs purposely broken and then set on fire. His course of treatment consisted of 3 of his legs being amputated and a course of strong antibiotics, but thanks to the support of our wonderful CUDDLY donors who not only donated $2295 of his $4500 goal, but also a mountain of wishlist products that not only helped heal his body, but also strengthened his resolve to  survive this horrifying evil.

Genos is all healed up and awaiting his chance to find his fur-ever family, happy tails Genos!

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