June 25, 2020

Blair was just a young kitten, left completely alone to navigate through the trying life of a stray. But as her vision rapidly began to deteriorate, and her eyes became more and more infected, her chances at surviving on the streets were slim to none. 

But her story was re-written by The Kindle and Clowder Institute for Wayward Felines. Thanks to her rescuers, and her huge base of CUDDLY supporters' wishlist and monetary donations, Blaire had her surgery to remove both of her eyes, and she has since made a full recovery. 

Blaire has come so far. She is very adventurous, climbing to the top of cat towers and pouncing on her brothers and sisters to play. She also loves playing in wet tubs and sinks and has no trouble getting around. Because of her feisty, strong spirit, it's no surprise that she was adopted, and just made her trip to her forever home. 

A wise person once said that cats choose us, and that is completely accurate when is comes to Blaire and her new mom, Sara. With a simple act of a lick and purr, Blaire chose Sara to be her forever mom. 

Congrats to Blaire and Sara!!!! 

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