July 02, 2020

When Thomas was first discovered, he was so starved and so weak, that he was eating the remains of a dead dog to stay alive. Rescuers noted that he smelled of death when they picked him up and he could barely stand he was so weak. The worse part? Thomas was only 8 months old. He was just a baby and yet, was covered in mange and open, infected sores that made even the simplest movements painful.

He was taken to the hospital where he remained for a matter of days, just getting the fluids he needed to survive. He was very uncomfortable, in pain, and still very critical at the time - but his rescuers had hope. And sure enough, Thomas began to improve. Week after week, he grew stronger and more sure of himself. And thanks to his CUDDLY donors, who raised almost $5000 for him, Thomas was able to make a full recovery with his rescue and fosters by his side. He was even sent a number of goodies and supplies to keep him feeling LOVED during his entire recovery. 

Now, today, just look at this boy. Look at the difference you all made. He is happy, he is healthy, and he has a new life. We're so grateful to everyone who made Thomas' story as a successful one and to those who truly made him a MIRACLE. 

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