Fairytale Ending For 9lb Girl Covered In Burns
July 09, 2020

Taking one look at Queeny's poor body will bring tears to your eyes. This 9lb girl was the victim of some kind of horrific abuse, resulting in chemical burns covering 80% of her tiny body.

Queeny was rescued from the Long Beach Animal Shelter and brought into Live Love Animal Rescue's care. She was only two years old and was suffering from a variety of serious medical issues including multiple fractures to her rear left leg, severely damaged eyes causing blindness, and chemical burns covering almost every inch of her body. This sweet girl was an owner surrender, so we didn't know much about her past or how exactly she became in such a horrific state. But, we knew she needed help. Live Love Animal Rescue knew this girl's recovery would be love and extensive so they teamed up with CUDDLY to ensure that Queeny was able to get all the help she needed to heal. She needed her leg amputated and one of her eyes removed due to its severe condition, along with multiple vet visits to heal her aching skin. 

Over the course of three months, Queeny's CUDDLY campaign grew to raise almost $10k, along with dozens of wishlist gifts donated to help her be comfortable in her recovery. Thanks to your donations and support, CUDDLY Family, Queeny had the best healing care a dog could ask for! Laser therapy to heal her skin, premium nutrition to help her body recover, your thoughts, prayers to boost her spirit, and generous donations to afford her medical care, and the healing love from her medical team, rescue family, and amazing foster-adopt mom (who's also a vet-tech!) all paid off for our brave girl Queeny!

Check her out now! Queeny is fully healed and going for hikes with her new mom! She also got to attend her mom's backyard wedding ceremony and was a part of the wedding, one big family of love! She had a blast on the honeymoon, too. Such a deserving, special girl who will have an amazing forever family! Thank you to everyone who has made her recovery possible!

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