July 14, 2020

Words cannot accurately describe the condition sweet Ferngully was found in, barely alive, fighting to pull herself across a stranger's lawn in search of help.

This 1-year-old Husky was brought into the shelter after being discovered on stranger's lawn by a lawn care company. She had to literally be scraped off of the ground, we don't know if she was dumped there or if she crawled with the little strength she had left in her. Ferngully was a devastating 11 pounds when she first came in, that's less than an average cat. The footage of her condition might make some very uncomfortable, but we post them to make their unknown stories known. Second Chance Rescue NYC stepped up to get this poor girl the emergency medical care that she so desperately needed, along with the outpour of support this sweet girl received from CUDDLY donors she has made a full recovery. Not only did she get mountains of wishlist items that helped with her healing process, but also she raised $19,999 in donations that her medical care and the medical care of rescue pets just like her. Thank to all of you that donated Ferngully survived her horrific circumstances, and has found her own fur-ever home with her new mommy. Happy tails Ferngully!

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