The World Is At Penny's Feet Now
July 17, 2020

Rescuers had sponsored to spay Penny for a family back in 2014 and sent her off with the best wishes. Little did they know, they would meet her again 6 years later - only under horrible circumstances. 

Rescuers have no idea what happened to Penny's family or what her life has consisted of since they saw her last, but they never would have expected to find her roaming the streets, alone and freezing, with both her hind legs completely shattered. She had tibia fractures, crushed tarsus (ankle bones), and bone protrusions - meaning that her bones are sticking out the wrong way. The pain she must have been in not something we can describe. 

The medical evaluation had shown that Penny's condition is too severe for amputation. She needs a bilateral arthrodesis, which will include inserting plates into her ankles and fusing them together. It wasn't easy on her, but it was the only option to save her life. Back in 2014, Penny had been microchipped by Pathway to Hope during their spay program - but no owner information was ever linked. She was completely alone.

However, through the dedication of her rescuers and through the collective kindness of CUDDLY donors, who helped raise almost $1000 to support her care, Penny was able to recover. 

Sweet Penny was adopted by her amazing foster family and is doing fantastic in her forever home. She even has a sister - another rescue kitty named Peach.  She is walking, jumping and playing with her own unique little walk! Penny's mom got her stairs so she can join the family on the bed whenever she wants! You would never know what a major ordeal our pretty girl went through! Thank you to everyone who made this possible. GO PENNY! 

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