MacTavish's Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored
July 17, 2020

When 14-year-old MacTavish found himself in the care of his owner's friend after they had moved away and left him, he was in trouble. Despite promising his owner's that he would be loved and cared for, this 'friend' neglected MacTavish on a daily basis and allowed his fur to matt so severely that his skin bled. Then, he abandoned him. 

He cried out as he moved, the matted hair pulling tighter against his soft flesh, but no one helped him. Not until, Umbrella of Hope that is. After hearing his story and noticing how much pain this boy was in, rescuers immediately went into action. As you can see from his photos, MacTavish's hair had to be completely shaved off, as the matts were too severe and causing far too much damage to his flesh. The infection on his skin was extensive and had been ongoing for weeks without treatment. 

Horrifically failed by ALL of the humans in his life, MacTavish's recovery was slow and took weeks. However, thanks to CUDDLY donors who raised over $1000 for this boy's care, he was able to get everything he needed to succeeded. 

And today? Well, today this boy is LIVING it up in his forever home. He's a beautiful ball of FLUFF and has transformed so completely. 

His new mom loves him to pieces and that, in itself, gives us such great hope for his future. Thank you to all who made this happen!

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