Saidi's Ultimate Win
July 17, 2020

Saidi's story is not for the faint of heart, but it does deserve to be heard. Found with her skin burning off and her feet wrapped in duct-tape, it's suspected that Saidi's previous owners attempted to treat her ear infection with gasoline or some kind of caustic chemical and then tied her legs to keep her from scratching the burn. 

Taken in almost immediately by Umbrella of Hope, Saidi was brought in for a medical evaluation to have her wounds cleaned, debrided, and treated. The skin along her ear and muzzle was literally deteriorating away, which was an excruciating process. The duct-tape, which was cruelly wrapped around her toes, had been removed - however, the adhesive was so strong that it pulled and made the skin raw there. Parts of her facial skin were also hanging off of her, burned and/or dead and the exposed areas of flesh were extremely sensitive, hot, and susceptible to infection. She was being incredibly stoic and quiet during treatment, but there was NO way this girl was living without pain. 

It took a heavy TWO months of bandage changes, antibiotics, and love to get her to a good point - and although it was challenging at times, rescuers did it. Her surgeries, her treatment, and everything that came with healing her did not come cheap and rescuers were incredibly nervous about how they would come back from this, but like an angel from heaven, CUDDLY donors swooped in and provided Saidi with over $3000 in donations. Not only that, but they sent SO many goodies to her to help her feel special during her treatment. 

It is because of that support that we can share the most wonderful news. Saidi, now Twiggy, has been ADOPTED. Her new mom is in love with her and Twiggy is just as enamored, following her new mom everywhere she goes. We're so happy for them both. Cheers to Saidi, her new family, and to all of you for making this happen! 

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