July 28, 2020

Seven was just a baby when she was found laying helpless on the ground, her body deteriorating while she clung to what little life she had left. She had gradually grown too weak to cry out for help, so she just lay silent on the ground in the sweltering heat, waiting for her short time on this Earth to come to an end. Her femur had been snapped in half, sending the shattered bone through her skin.

Thankfully, Seven did not lose her fight. She was taken in by a good Samaritan, who then contacted Valley Oak SPCA for help. They couldn't say no, and immediately took her in for the life-saving care she needed. Thanks to her rescuers, and her huge wave of support from her CUDDLY supporters, she went through an amputation surgery. Her recover was lengthy, but in the end, she pulled through. 

Throughout her journey, Seven has always remained as sweet as can be; greeting everyone with purrs and snuggles. So, it's no surprise that as soon as she was ready for adoption, she was swooped up right away. 

Her new family fell in love as soon as they met her, and they absolutely love their new baby tripod. 

Congratulations to baby Seven for beating the odds and finding her forever home!! 

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