August 18, 2020
Blade's happy life changed in the blink of an eye when he was struck by a car and both of his back legs were shattered. His owner did not have the means to provide surgery or aftercare, so he made the decision to surrender Blade to the clinic.

The Veterinary staff reached out to "St Francis Farm Animal Sanctuary" for help, pleading that they give him a chance. Without a skilled and experienced orthopedic surgeon, the clinic could only offer to end his life humanely. Seeing a young dog, so confused, heartbroken, and obviously broken physically was heart breaking. As if the pain of two shattered legs was not enough after completing pre-operative bloodwork, the orthopedic doctors determined that Blade's kidney values were absolutely sky rocketed.

Blade's prognosis was very guarded, and the only option was to transfer him to internal medicine to determine the cause. An ultrasound revealed that Blade's kidneys were also damaged as a result of the trauma and impact from the accident. After many days of intensive care, he had a breakthrough, Blade began thriving, and  his kidney values went back into normal range. That allowed him to finally undergo surgery. This sweet boy lost everything in an instance and with your love and support he was able to recover everything he lost in the accident. The wonderful CUDDLY donors not only sent him a mountain of much needed wishlist items, they raised $3,545 of his $5,000 goal. 

Blade has now made a complete recover and is living with his new fur-ever family complete with big fur-sister. Happy Tails Blade!
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