Willow & Ash
August 25, 2020

Thank you to The Animal Pad for saving sweet Mama Willow, as well as her then-unborn baby Ash. 

For those of you who may remember this precious lady, Willow came to rescuers from across the border. She was found in Mexico, lying on the side of the road atop a bed of foxtails. She was tremendously underweight; so emaciated that rescuers couldn't even tell she was pregnant. 

But she was VERY pregnant, so much so that she actually went into labor just days after coming into rescue. But after Willow went into labor, all of her medical complications began unfolding. She was oozing pus from her privates (which doctors discovered was due to the foxtails still lodged way up there).

This sweet lost everything, in almost the blink of an eye. Willow was rushed into an emergency c-section in doctors' attempts to save her unborn babies, and after a scary couple hours, all babies SEEMED to be okay. However, one after the other, Willow's babies began to fail. They died, and only the smallest ? Baby Ash, was still alive and fighting to survive. And FIGHT HE DID!!

With all of your love and support, we were able to ensure that this special Mama and her baby boy were able to recover from their past. It wasn't easy; Among the other concerns were the fact that Willow had 2 tick-borne diseases, and that Baby Ash was fighting Canine Herpes (which all his siblings passed away from).

THANK YOU, Cuddly Family. We appreciate so grateful to all our donors for supplies and monetary donations, ESPECIALLY now during these times of uncertainty. Not only sent does this little family have a mountain of much-needed wishlist items, but now, because of all of your help and support, Willow and Ash have raised and EXCEEDED their $7,000 goal. And now that BOTH have made a complete recovery, these two are going to living their best lives TOGETHER with their fur-ever family (their original foster family!).

Happy Tails Willow and Ash!!

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