September 01, 2020

Alastor's case made us feel about as defeated as he looked when he was first rescued by Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation. His sad, disgusting life of misery was written in the cuts and scars all over his face. He was covered in wounds; old ones, new ones, infected ones, and sadly, permanent ones. Alastor is a survivor of a dog fighting ring. 

Alastor's recovery was far from easy. He had to fight every single day; from the surgery to remove his leg, to the hours upon hours of rehabilitation. He received an amazing outpour of support from his CUDDLY donors, and through everyone's kindness, he started to heal both physically and emotionally. 

Rescuers worked tirelessly to give this sweet guy his second chance, and now, after almost a year, he has left to his forever family. Since he's been rescued, he's learned how wonderful humans can be, and because of all his amazing supporters, he will never want for anything ever again. 

A huge congratulations to Alastor on his new found home. We wish him nothing but happiness from here on out. 

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