September 08, 2020

Lucy was a two year old mom who was an emaciated and severely dehydrated pup who had a litter of 10 vulnerable and sick puppies at a kill shelter in Sonora, Mexico. Sadly, all 10 puppies died due to complications from heat strokes, leaving poor Lucy alone and without her babies. 

Lucy was on the brink of death and had lost the companionship and special bond with her puppies. Her story was tragic and heartbreaking but it did not stop there. Lucy was a fighter, she was placed on an extensive treatment plan and finally began to gain weight and become stronger. 

Now that Lucy is healthy again, she embarked on a long journey and traveled 16 hours by car, across the Mexican border to meet her forever family in Knoxville, Tennessee. Lucy will now be able to focus on being a puppy and once again find a bond with others. None of this could have happened without the incredible team at Rescate Fenix and all of Lucy's amazing CUDDLY supporters who helped her along the way. 

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