September 10, 2020

Fozdoka was one of our very first rescues from Egypt. When we first learned of her story we were horrified as to what she had been through. Someone had set her on fire and burned all of her body. She spent months and months in the hospital getting intensive burn care that was extremely painful. Throughout it all she was such a happy puppy who always wagged her tail when you went to visit her. Finally after 9 months of treatment, Fozdoka made her way to Toronto Canada, where she now has her very own family to call her own. They absolutely love her and she has won their hearts. It is amazing how a dog can overcome such torture and abuse. Fozdoka, loves everyone and everything and is the sweetest and kindest girl in the world. Stray Dog is so grateful to everyone from Cuddly and to the donors and sponsors who helped make this possible. I absolutely cried my eyes out when I saw her get off the plane in Canada and finally was able to take a deep breathe and say "we did it". Thank you to everyone for giving this street dog a chance at life!! Helen

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