Burch Adopted By His Own Doctor
September 21, 2020

Burch was in the fight of his life when his temperature spiked to 104 and his belly swelled three times its normal size. By the time rescuers were made aware of Burch's condition, he was already in this critical condition. They picked him up as soon as they could and brought him to the hospital where he was sedated as soon as possible to have his stomach drained and tested.

He's incredibly uncomfortable and while he has tested negative for heartworms, doctors are suspecting that he may be in some kind of heart failure - and they were right. Turns out that Burch's stomach was so swollen because his heart was damaged by Ehrlichia, which caused his belly to fill with fluid.  For Big Dog Haven, it is never too late to help an animal or give them a second chance and so, he was placed on several different medications. And thanks to his rescuers and CUDDLY supporters, this treatment worked. His fluid levels decreased by the day. 

He spent weeks being monitored by medical teams and caretakers, and we happy to report that he made a full recovery! What's more is that the doctor who treated him and allowed for this transformation to happen fell so much in love with him, that she adopted him! They two are now living a wonderful life together. Burch never goes a day without showing his gratitude. 

Thank you so much to everyone who made this happen. Burch's life has changed forever for the better because of your support!

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