September 29, 2020

No one can imagine the fear, and pain Maya was living with, because no one is quite sure of exactly how her stomach was so grotesquely split open, but somehow she made it in to  the care of "Protect Me Albania" and they immediately began giving her the emergency medical care she so desperately needed.

Maya was found as a stray, laying on the ground crying out in pain from a severe abdominal wound. Either someone cut her open or she was attacked by another animal, and left with that heart breaking injury. Her insides were just barley being held in by a very thin layer of skin. She was immediately rushed into surgery to try to close the wound as much as possible. She had such a long hard road to recovery, but with your outpour of support not only did eclipse her fund goal raising $8,128, She also received a mountain of much needed wishlist items. Thanks to you Maya  has made a complete recovery from her tragic ordeal, and has found love in the arms of her new Fur-ever family.  Happy Tails Maya.

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