October 06, 2020

Before getting to those at Key to Lion's Heart Rescue, this beautiful lady found herself in an overcrowded shelter, after somehow ending up on the streets. For the entirety of Cleopatra's 5-day "stray hold," Cleopatra hid in the back of the shelter kennel. She was so terrified and utterly withdrawn, that for the most part, all this poor girl could do was bury her face into the wall. She cowered at anything and everything, even her food bowl. Sadly, Cleopatra was a high-risk of euthanization, due to her coloring, breed, AND the fact that she was Heartworm positive.

But thanks to some amazing individuals at the shelter, Cleopatra made her way to Maryland where rescuers were anxiously waiting. There, she found a quiet place to start decompressing and begin understanding that her life was never going to be bad again. Cleopatra was quick to love people and to forget whatever demons were in her past. She was safe and her new journey in life was about to begin. Key to Lion's Heart Rescue shared this resilient girl's story with the CUDDLY community, who responded in an unbelievably amazing way – by fully funding, and exceeding, Cleopatra's $3000 goal!!

Thanks to all of the amazing CUDDLY Family, Cleopatra has a new bed, lots of new toys, and she is nearing completion of her Heartworm treatments! And what's more, this beautiful girl has now also found her forever family - who understood that she has a darker past and needs some extra TLC! Now, Cleopatra is getting all the time and space to fully blossom into the beautiful soul she is meant to be. And she even has some four-legged pals to help her out!! Thank you, everyone, for loving this amazing girl and providing her with the best life she deserves!!! 

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