Scotty Is Living A Life of Love Now
October 09, 2020

A few months ago, Scotty was brought into Animal Control by a human who was parading as a 'good samaritan'. Only after rescuers assessed the gruesome, human-induced injuries that Scotty was suffering from did this 'good samaritan' admit that he was Scotty's owner.

Not wanting Scotty to suffer another moment, Hounds in Pounds stepped in to take over ownership of Scotty and get him the care that he needed. As you can see from his photos, Scotty's bone was completely exposed and the flesh of his leg was completely ripped open. After assessing him, doctors came to the conclusion that Scotty was tied out on a cable and hung up in some fashion, causing him to sustain the wounds he had. Because of the severity of his condition, Scotty needed that leg removed immediately to avoid necrosis and prevent him from turning septic. These wounds were not brand new and he was downright traumatized. No matter what HIP rescuers are exposed to on a daily basis, this case was very very difficult for them to witness.

He spent days in intensive care, being monitored by medical teams - and thankfully, he steadily improved as the days went by. With the help of his CUDDLY donors, who raised over $4,000 for his care, Scotty was getting everything he needed to succeed. He even received over 20 gifts, including treats, food, and cleaning supplies to help him in his recovery. 

Today, we're so happy to report that Scotty has made a full recovery and despite the horrors of his past, is living his BEST life with a family who adores him more than you could know. Thank you so much to every single person that made this happen. Scotty is free and happy and, best of all, being treated like the amazing animal he is. 

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