October 13, 2020

April was a victim of a senseless act of violence that will have devastating and life long affects on this poor puppy's health and well being. One afternoon, April was napping on the lawn outside of her home in Mexico when two strangers walking by poured scalding hot liquid on her. Not only did they watch as the scorching liquid burned every inch of her body, but they also video taped it.

Tragically, April sat in agony for four long, agonizing days before she was taken to get help. When Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League stepped in, she was taken to the hospital right away, and then the process of getting her to the US began. April was showered in healing gifts sent to her by her CUDDLY donors, and raised enough monetary donations to cover her life-saving care and transport the America. 

After a few more weeks in recovery under the care of SNARL, she was put up for adoption. She was so close to her forever home! 

Now, she has finally made it. April was adopted earlier this month, and is LOVING her new family. They have vowed to love her unconditionally for the rest of her life. 

Congrats to April!!!!! 

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