November 10, 2020

So many rescue pets are discarded in shelter, or on the streets left by owners who didn't have enough compassion to care for anything other than themselves, but there are some who take it a step further and literally dump live pets in the garbage with no regard for their lives.

Waldo was owned by such a monster, a homeless person claims to have found little Waldo in the dumpster thrown away with the trash. To start, Waldo's muzzle was tied and sealed SHUT so hard by a piece of rope that it has sliced through his entire muzzle on the top, sides, and bottom. Exposing bone, teeth, and gums through the sides of his face. It looked like a horror movie. His whole mouth was necrotic. All of his teeth were 100 percent rotted out and he maggots are eating at his gums. Waldo weighs half the weight that a 4-year-old mini poodle should weigh. He is emaciated, and severely dehydrated. He obviously couldn't eat or drink because his mouth was sealed shut for who knows how long. This was torture. Someone took the time to dye his hair red and blue. This act was something that took thought and time to do. Waldo also had a severely injured arm, his eyes were crusted shut, and there was an infestation of maggots in his anus. All of these sites are severely infected and gruesome. All of this was done intentionally, and it pained us beyond words to think why anybody would want to hurt such an innocent little boy. He was rushed to Blue pearl specialty hospital for urgent medical care, and thanks to the vets and all the wonderful CUDDLY donors we donated $1,556 of Waldo's $2000 goal, This sweet boy was able to make a full recovery.

Waldo has now found his fur-ever home, and is 100% loving his new mama! Happy tails Waldo!

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