November 17, 2020

Vana is truly a miracle and it is so hard to believe how she went from a broken dog with an unimaginable injury to a happy and beautiful girl. Vana was rescued from the streets of Cairo Egypt with a rope embedded so deep in her neck that we had to have it surgically removed. Her head and face was so swollen from months and months of build up. I cannot even imagine the pain she was going through. Vana had to have multiple surgeries and she was on a very long treatment of antibiotics and anti inflammatory medication. We were so thankful that her swelling started to go down and her neck wounds healed. She lost complete vision in one eye and struggles seeing in her second eye but that does not stop her. Vana is now living in Canada and is thriving. She is so incredibly sweet and loves everyone including tiny kittens. Throughout it all she wagged her tail and gave everyone kisses which is amazing given what humans did to her. Vana's journey has been long and rough but because of all of your love and support she made it out. She survived and she continues to prove that no dog is worth giving up on. Thank you all. Helen

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