Polly Pocket & Beanie Baby
November 17, 2020

Ready for Some Feel-Good News? 

Not long before these two were born, their Mama found herself abandoned in West Virginia, just as the pandemic got serious. Thankfully, she was found by rescuers of Operation Git-Meow, and not long after coming to rescue, gave birth to a whopping total of 6 kittens.

All seemed fine and dandy, until these two Polly Pocket and Beanie Babie fell gravely ill. They became severely lethargic and unresponsive; neither had much of an appetite - and what little they did eat, they couldn't hold down. Rescuers rushed them to the Emergency Hospital, where both kittens got fluids, IV medication, oxygen, and around the clock care.

But after a long weekend undergoing 24/7 emergency care, things began to look up. Polly Pocket was discharged first, and then Beanie Baby, a few days later. Rescuers cannot thank everyone enough for the immense wave of support that has come in for these little kitties. And in further news... a beautiful supporter who read the girls' story stepped up to adopt them (together, we might add!) after seeing their post on our CUDDLY platform. 

YOU all helped make this possible. They saw Polly Pocket and Beanie Baby's fundraiser and couldn't get the girls out of their minds. The family reached out, and just so happened to have an AMAZING vet check with a history of animals that need extra care! Now, the girls have joined a crew of several dog siblings (who all have various special needs!). Polly Pocket and Beanie Baby OFFICIALLY went to their forever home, and we couldn't be happier for their family. 

THANK YOU!! These girls are truly something special, so to have all of you join their journey means a lot. We are rescuing on, and you all have made this possible. 

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