December 08, 2020

Graphic Photos: After this gentle senior was attacked and scalped by a raccoon, she trudged her way onto a stranger's yard where she collapsed and started bleeding out. 

Rescuers came to her aid as soon as they got the call..they were praying that they weren't too late getting to her. Her wounds were fresh, only a day or two old, and already they are infected. As you can from her photos, the wounds on and around her scalp are extensive and critical. There was, in fact, so much tissue damage around her face that she had to be immediately referred to a specialists for assessment. She also had one droopy eye, which concerned her medical teams greatly because it could have indicated some kind of nerve damage. 

Rescuers were warned that the cost to try and save her life would be high, but they brushed this off with a wave. Sure, her treatment will be costly..but how can they put a price tag on a life? They wouldn't. They refused. And so, fast forward through an intense surgery, a lengthy vet stay, and extensive vet bills, Sasha has now made a full recovery and has actually been adopted! YAY! Her CUDDLY donors helped her raise over 3k for her treatment and sent her so many goodies that help her during recovery, so we are extremely grateful! Sasha's beautiful fur has almost completely grown back in and we couldn't be happier for her! Happy forever after, Sasha!! We promise you will never be abandoned or hurt again!

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