December 09, 2020

Kiri was a 4-month-old baby, who was rescued from the streets of Cairo Egypt after having his leg put in a pot of hot oil or water. If that was not bad enough, someone then tried to cut it off. We were so sickened by this act of cruelty and we knew that this boy needed special love and attention. Little Kiri, underwent an amputation and spent weeks in hospital as he recovered, not only physically, but emotionally. Despite all that he went through, Kiri never stopped wagging his tail and was such a happy little boy. Working with our rescue partner in Canada, Kiri had his freedom flight and is now living a wonderful life with his very own family. Kiri, was rescued with his mother, and rather than split them up, we had her also brought to Canada and had them adopted together. They had such an unbreakable bond and we knew that we could not separate them. Stray Dog is such a tiny rescue, and our success in helping these animals, is because of Cuddly and its amazing supporters. Because of you all, two more lives have been saved and changed forever. Kiri certainly proved that despite undergoing such an awful act of cruelty, his spirit was never broken. Thank You all. Helen

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