December 15, 2020

After living majority of his life in a landfill in Mexico, Chadwick was almost unrecognizable by the time he was rescued by The HIT Living Foundation. He was in dire condition and was brought to Los Angeles immediately. As you can probably imagine, he was riddled with medical problems and had a massive open wound on his hip that required surgery. He was suffering from sarcastic mange, Ehrlichia, and his teeth were in horrible condition.  

Chadwick's recovery was a long one but his will to live and fight was stronger than anything else. He received such an amazing amount of love and support from his CUDDLY donors and with that, his healing process began and his journey to a new life was closer than ever. 

The HIT Living Foundation worked day in and day out to give sweet Chadwick the care he needed and everyday he showed more and more progress. Through all of his vet visits, Chadwick made an impact on one of his vet techs who took him in and has been fostering him ever since. Our hearts are full as we look at how Chadwick started and how far he has come since the start. He went from a once unrecognizable pup to a happy, loved, and forever cared for pup. 

Chadwick's supporters have helped give him the world and everything he could ever need to live an amazing life and he is going to do just that!

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