December 15, 2020

When we first saw Sefu, we were absolutely heart broken. His front leg was completely stripped of flesh and what remained was infected. There was absolutely nothing left of his leg and it looked like a skeleton. We have no idea what happened to him, but we are so grateful to our rescue partner in Egypt, Cairo Animal Rescue Team for getting him the emergency medical help he needed. Sefu (which means Sword), was in agony, but because he was so weak and anemic and had kidney and liver issues, an amputation surgery had to be delayed because we could not risk putting him under anesthetic. For days, we had him on pain medication and fluids as well as antibiotics to rid the infection that was killing him. During that time, the skeletal remains of his leg actually fell off. Eventually we were able to get his leg amputated much to our relief. For weeks he was in hospital and luckily, he healed really well. Finally, after months of recovery, we were able to get him strong enough to get him to Canada. Sefu, is now settled into his new home with his new mommy and his new best friend, Elliot who is also special needs. They are inseparable and are the best of friends. There is nothing that makes my heart happier, than to know that one of our dogs has found wonderful a home after all of the pain and suffering he has gone through. Sefu's journey was long, but thanks to Cuddly and all of our supporters he is now living the best life. So, thank you all for being part of this miracle rescue! Sefu, certainly lived up to his name. 

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