December 23, 2020

Thank you to Philly Bully Team for saving sweet Pumpkin!

There really are no words to describe the horrific condition that Pumpkin was first found and rescued in.

Animal control was called after people purposely threw food over a fence to two starving dogs to watch them fight. You could see the results all over poor Pumpkin when she and another dog were coaxed into attacking each other for the food.

Pumpkin went into shock, her body shut down, and she was rushed to PennVet where she had to be resuscitated. Philly Bully Team stepped up to take care of this girl, there was no way they could say no!

When all the odds were stacked against her, she kept fighting for her life. Her canine teeth were ripped out by the dog that attacked her, and because of multiple skull and jaw fractures, a feeding tube was not safe. The only option was to insert a catheter in her leg and deliver nutrition that way. Pumpkin was in the ICU for almost two weeks, and really showed all of us just how resilient and perseverant she is.

Pumpkin was never alone in this fight for her life; with her rescuers, her CUDDLY Family (that's right - you!), and her amazing veterinarian staff she was not only able to make it out alive and FULLY recovered - but she found her furever home! Her veterinarian became so attached to this sweet little fighter, and now she will always know love, care and compassion - and friendship!!

Philly Bully Team and Pumpkin received an outpouring of love and support through your kind and generous donations. We are SO eternally grateful to this amazing CUDDLY Family and Community, ESPECIALLY during these tough and unknown times we are all living in. Not only did Pumpkin exceed her $7,000 fundraising goal, but she received a new bed, skin supplements, lots of food and toys! Together the donors of CUDDLY raised $12,892 - and the BEST part is that she was able to share some of her CUDDLY love with her fellow Philly Bully Team rescue pup pals to assist them with their medical journeys too, like you did for her!

A HUGE thank you for teaching and showing Pumpkin how loving and generous life can be when you have a CUDDLY Family behind you all the way! Happy tails, Pumpkin!

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