Salem & Her Babies
January 12, 2021

Salem's journey into rescue was long, difficult, and filled with heartbreak. Not only was she extremely pregnant when she was dumped at a shelter, it's also shockingly clear that she's been over-bred, and severely neglected. 

Thankfully, rescuers with Fighting for the Bullys Pitbull Rescue broke her out of the shelter, so she could give birth in a comfortable, cozy setting. Although, her medical state was still of great concern. Her heart was enlarged from heart worms, she had coccidia, and was infested with hook and whip worms. Rescuers were worried about the fates of her unborn babies. 

But with the amazing support of the caring CUDDLY community, not only was Salem able to get the best medical care possible with the generous monetary donations, her, and all of her babies were showered with gifts that not only helped them heal physically, but mentally as well. 

Now, we are happy to report Salem had a litter of ELEVEN healthy, happy babies. They have ALL been adopted into loving homes, and recently, Salem was adopted into a brand new family that will love her forever. 

Now, Salem finally gets to be someone's baby, and she will never have to bear another litter of puppies again. We are so happy for Salem, and each of her babies!!! 

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