Qiang Mei
January 13, 2021

When I first saw little Qiang Mei laying in the hospital dying, my heart literally broke. Seeing her with her legs ripped off by police dogs was nothing short of barbaric. How does a little 2-month-old puppy have a chance against a dog whose soul purpose is to kill and eradicate street dogs in China? Qiang Mei, barely survived the attack and if not for some quick-thinking animal advocates she would have died a painfully slow death, alone on the streets. Qiang Mei, has had to endure multiple surgeries and months and months of hospitalization. She has had to endure the pain of having her wounds cleaned multiple times a day, overcoming infection and rehabilitation and has had to learn how to hold herself up with the two remaining legs she has. Despite it all, she has been nothing but brave. Always with a tail wag and love for the vet staff who have watched over her for so long. At times, we thought her fragile body would give up, but she showed us that she would not go down without a fight. Miraculously, she got stronger and stronger every day and eventually was able to have a chance of a freedom flight to the United States, where she is now in a loving home. She has siblings to play with and she loves her toys and food and chasing her moms pant legs. She is also learning to walk on her two legs and we know once she gets her custom cart, there will be no stopping her. None of this would be possible without the love and support from my Cuddly followers. Throughout it all, you have not only sent donations, but also messages of love and we are so grateful that we are part of the Cuddly family, who are helping to save and change the lives of dogs like Qiang Mei. Thank you all for being on this journey with myself and Qiang Mei, and know she is now living her best life. Thank You Helen

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