January 19, 2021

When Prince, a senior horse first arrived at SFS Equine center, he was basically just skin and bones. His life had been riddled with agony, neglect and abuse. If he had not been surrendered to the rescue, it is likely that he would have starved to death. 

Dawn, a dedicated animal lover and volunteer at SFS, fostered Prince and helped him transform into the beautiful horse he is now. Thanks to his CUDDLY donors, he was showered with gifts, supplements and treats (lots of muffins!). Prince has since gained weight, become stronger, and his personality has begun to shine. 

With the help of CUDDLY supporters and the incredible team at SFS Equine Rescue, Prince has made a huge transformation and is loving life at his new safe haven. We cannot thank you enough for the support you have shown to our sweet Prince! Thanks to your kindness and generosity, he will live out the rest of his senior life in peace! 

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