The Herd

January 20, 2021

We thought it would be nice to share our success in 2020. It was a difficult in so many ways, but we managed to maintain a rescue herd of 57 equine. The breakdown; 42 horses, 12 miniature horses, 2 miniature donkeys and 1 hinny. We fed 57 equine, 2 times per day, times 365 days in the year. That is a total of 41,610 meals and that does not include the 4 potbellied pigs, 2 farm pigs, 2 sheep and 5 goats. We were able to accept 6 new horses and sadly we lost 3 others. We spent $ 140,862.29 on feed, hay and supplements, and $ 38,601.40 in vet care and medications. So, this is us saying Thank You. Without you, we would have not been able to accomplish what we did.

While we all are dealing with COVID, civil unrest, a new president, and a shaky economy you remembered the horses. We have all had to make changes, and we still have no idea what 2021 looks like for us. We still know that there are always going to be horses and farm animals that will need our support and yours. Thank you!  

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