Jade and Lady
February 01, 2021

These two sweet girls were starved until they were near death before being dumped at an abandoned building, trapped in a crate with the rest of their family.  

Bullies-N-Beyond received a call asking for their assistance after animal control happened upon the trapped and starving family of pitties. They partnered with Pet Patrol to make sure they could take in the entire family. While en route to rescue this family something outrageous happened. The shelter decided to put this family on the adoption floor without getting them any type of medical attention, and before Bullies-N-Beyond could arrive to protest the father, and one of the puppies were adopted. Unable to do anything about those two being gone the rescues took in the last 4 members of this starving family. Bullies-N-Beyond took in the mother (Jade) and one of the puppies (Lady). These sweet girls were rushed to the vet. They are severely malnourished and dehydrated, the vet put them on IV's immediately. They had a long road to recovery, but thanks to the support they received from our wonderful donors they were able to raise $1,175, a ton of wishlist items and they have now made full recoveries. Jade and Lady have now found thier fur ever home together with their foster mom. Happy tails Jade and Lady!

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