February 08, 2021

At six months old, Roscoe thought he had hit the jackpot. After all, he had a home, a family, and was just starting his beautiful life. Little did he know, he would end up unable to walk with three broken legs and lying on a cold, shelter floor after being abandoned by his family. 

You see, when sweet Roscoe's body was shattered in a car accident, he was dumped at a local shelter, barely alive. His body was coated in road rash and three of his legs were snapped. His family, the people who were supposed to protect him, were gone. Luckily though, the shelter where he was taken would not give up on him like those before. They worked quickly to get his story out in hopes of finding a rescue to take him. They knew they had to get him to a vet soon, and when Passport For Paws was contacted and met Roscoe for the first time, they knew they had to help him. Even though every inch of this sweet boy's body was in immense pain, he crawled to lick everyone he met, and his beautiful brown eyes pleaded for help. Rescuers quickly took him to their vet where he was given pain meds and x-rays to assess the damage. Sadly, the news was not good. The x-rays showed that he had two broken legs and a shattered shoulder. Despite the bad news Passport for Paws and their amazing rescue partner up north were in love with him and determined to save his legs, despite the cost.  

And FOUR surgeries later (various plate inserts and FHO), Roscoe was patched up and put back together. It was such a challenge and required so much patience, but with the help and love of CUDDLY donors - who were able to help raise over $2500 for his care - Roscoe has made the ultimate recovery. And NOW, we are so happy to announce that Roscoe has found his forever home with a lovely woman who cannot WAIT to give him everything that he deserves - and more. 

Thank you so much to everyone who made this incredible journey of Roscoe's possible. You have all made it possible for him to live the best life. 

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