February 16, 2021

When rescuers found Grandpa, the shock that filled their bodies was something they had never felt before. The condition Grandpa was found in was how he got his name in the first place because what they later came to know was he was only a mere 3 years old. He was found barely alive suffering with severe mange, fungal infections, as well as being blind. He barely looked like a dog anymore. It was really up to rescuers imagination to think about what Grandpa could have looked like before all the suffering he endured. They knew from the moment they found him that he was a fighter so they scooped him up and secured him with love and comfort. 

The road to recovery for Grandpa was long and tedious but the improvements that were made each day were miraculous. He was getting special baths for his skin condition and all the medication he needed for his internal medical issues. He started walking everyday and his fur slowly started growing back and we knew Grandpa had made it through. 

The dedication shown to Grandpa and the perseverance shown by him was incredible and the work rescuers did was miraculous. One look at how Grandpa looks now and you wouldn't even think it is the same dog. All of this is thanks to the amazing and life-changing CUDDLY donors that stepped up to go above and beyond for Grandpa and his needs. His medical care was covered and the wonderful gifts were very well-received by Grandpa and his buddies!

He will live out the rest of his long life at Pet Luck Rehabilitation Center with all his new friends and will never have to worry about living on the streets of India ever again! Grandpa's supporters gave him a second chance and he took it and ran with it. The amazing life and journeys ahead of him awaits!

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