March 11, 2021

Joyee is a miracle whose face was ripped off after being hit by a train in Kolkata India. To us, she is imperfectly perfect and it took a lot of wonderful people to nurse her back to health. She underwent multiple surgeries and it took nearly a year for her to be strong enough to be able to travel to the USA. Joyee is full of life and love and is such an inspiration to us all. When we brought her over here, we took her to see the specialists at the Ohio University who after an evaluation said that she should just be left alone. She is eating, drinking and breathing well, so why do anything that could risk anything. We really did expect for them to say that she needed a full facial reconstruction and were happy to know that all the hard work paid off and we did not have too. Joyee is now with our wonderful rescue partner and they absolutely adore her and if not for my wonderful CUDDLY supporters, this would not be possible. It is because of your compassion and donations that enabled me to get this beautiful angel here. Thank everyone.

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