March 15, 2021

When Nanuk was found, he was exhausted; not just from the constant physical torment that he had endured in his lifetime, and not just from the festering wounds that covered his body, and not just from the senseless acts of cruelty he faced. Nanuk was simply exhausted by the human race.

Nanuk was used as live bait for other dogs in a fighting ring. Humans had turned his once gentle brothers and sisters into ruthless, fighting machines. They simply sat back and reaped the benefits from Nanuk's suffering. But amazingly, things turned around for this gentle guy when he was dumped and found by Valley Oak SPCA. While they were mortified by his story, they knew that with the help of their amazing CUDDLY donors, they could get Nanuk the help he needed… and boy did they. Nanuk was showering in wonderful gifts from his CUDDLY supporters, and his care was completely funded by everyone's kindness and generosity. 

While in the care of Valley Oak SPCA, Nanuk was also diagnosed with prostate cancer, as many un-neutered males are. But fortunately, Nanuk has a hero.

A volunteer with Valley Oak SPCA who walked him has now welcomed Nanuk into her home forever, where he will live out the rest of his days happy, and surrounded by more love than he has ever known in his entire life. 

A HUGE thank you to all of his CUDDLY donors. You have shown him that humans are not all bad, and we are eternally grateful for you. 

Congrats sweet Nanuk! We love you! 

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