Love and Redemption in Rescue
September 12, 2016

Ainsley Orton Tate is a 5-year-old bulldog who was surrendered by his owner when the little dog's health issues became too much to handle. Bulldogs are known to encounter health problems and the corresponding large vet bills can become unmanageable.

After a long gap between appointments, Ainley's groomer was shocked to see the rapid decline that had taken place in his appearance - but thankfully she was able to persuade the owner to relinquish him to rescue. Ainsley was treated for severe mange and bacterial infections of the skin. He had ear infections, bad teeth and needed to see an eye specialist for his eyes. He was not a quick fix. It is taking time and care to nurture him back to health, but the dedicated team around him is committed to making a difference in this rescue dog's life. He is with a loving foster now that continues to care and spoil him.

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