March 29, 2021

One heartbreaking truth about the world is that some people get puppies, and other fur-babies just to neglect them their whole lives. Hammer is an owner surrender that has lived that truth his whole short life. 

Paws in The Panhandle were called on to help sweet hammer after his owner brought him in to a shelter in this horrific condition. They stepped in and rushed this sweet puppy to the vet to get much-needed medical treatment. His paws were swollen, and bloody, his skin was so infected and raw it must have been extremely painful for him to even stand, and his nails had never been trimmed. It's obvious that Hammer had never seen a vet ever, so underwent a battery of tests to make sure that the damage this evil person did to Hammer wasn't more than skin deep. He has also received antibiotics for his skin infections, and pain management for the swelling and pain. His mange was treated with brovecto, and medicated baths.

His care was made possible by the wonderful CUDDLY donors, who gave $1,995 and donated a ton of helpful wishlist items. Hammer has now made a full recovery, and has found love in the arms of his very own furever home. Happy Tails Hammer!!

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