April 06, 2021

Bernie is a precious little piglet who was rescued, along with his family, from a terribly abusive and neglectful situation in Florida. The tiny piglet needed extra special help, as he was not able to walk and run like his siblings, due to a deformity in his legs. 

With the help of compassionate and dedicated rescuers, Bernie was transported all the way from Florida to Oklahoma where he would receive the best of care at O&F. The precious piglet received around-the-clock care and learned for the first time that there are nice humans in this world. Now, Bernie is a spunky boy who's growing fast, learning how to use his wheelchair, and has made lots of friends at the sanctuary. 

Because of YOUR support, and the dedicated rescuers at O&F – Bernie is doing GREAT, and even got a new set of wheels to help him get around! Thank you for the LOVE and SUPPORT shown to sweet Bernie. 

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