April 08, 2021

Olivia has been through a lot since she got lost on a Fourth of July night years ago. Thankfully, she found her way to True North GSD Rescue. Her first family thought their little girl had passed long ago ? and couldn't believe that she was alive and well! They have so many fond memories of her filled with love. Life changes for everyone, both humans and dogs. Her family wanted her to have the best chance at an incredible life. They desperately wanted that life to be theirs as well. After a lot of soul searching, they decided to entrust her to our care. They said to us, with tears and all the love, we say our goodbyes again. We love you so much.?

Imagine you got a puppy. Her sweetness melted your heart daily. You and your puppy became good friends. You did all the responsible things, got her spayed, vaccinated, trained her to be safe around the pool, took her places; you got her microchipped. You did all the things because you loved this little puppy.A year or so after she entered your home and your heart, it was the 4th of July and the most terrible possible thing happens! She bolts in fear of all the noise!! You look for her for hours, combing the neighborhood, calling her name, sobbing. Then the shelter calls ? they have her! But when you get there and they tell you that her mental state is so bad that she must be euthanized. You don't know any better so you sign the paperwork they say you have to sign. You aren't allowed to say goodbye. Horrible. Anyone who experienced this would have lifetime mental scars and anguish. This was the puppy you loved. Years pass and a rescue call you to ask about your dog? that sweet puppy from long ago? She. Is. Still. Alive. How could this happen? How is this possible? They tell you she had suffered neglect (an untreated aural hematoma), abuse (she was shot at in a neighborhood altercation), lived in a home with domestic violence; but she is still very sweet. Her foster has a baby, dogs, and cats; she is agreeable with all. Polite with most. Everyone in the rescue adores her kind gentleness. This can't happen, you say? Well, it can. It did. The dog we named ELYZA was once known as OLIVIA. Our super-sleuths at True North GSD found her original owner ? who thought that her sweet Olivia was dead. We'd like to announce that we are giving Olivia back her name. She seems quite pleased with it too. Olivia will be temporarily removed from availability while her original owner assesses their life and ability to take back their beloved dog. We'd like to give Olivia's original owner the respect and time they need to process all that has just happened and to thoughtfully make a decision. They love Olivia, but lives change and so do circumstances. Rescue is not about just taking dogs and finding homes. It is about doing the right thing ? for the dog ? for the human. It's about listening to your heart and following cold trails of information - It's about doing the right thing, always. True North GSD Rescue is that kind of place. Microchip your dogs!

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