April 16, 2021

Thank you to Philly Bully Team and to CUDDLY donors for saving sweet Christopher!

This face with a hole, we were beyond ourselves with this adorable and loving face! Christopher is a sweet pup who was very trusting and wanted nothing more than to play with friends. At first, Rescuers were not sure of exactly what happened to Christopher, but they found out he had a gunshot hole in his hard palate that needed to be fixed!

Christopher was rescued by Philly Bully Team from North Carolina, and upon the vet visit for neutering, they saw the hole. The gunshot hole needed to be fixed immediately so he didn't catch aspiration pneumonia. He saw a surgeon specialist and they formulated a game plan to get this much-needed surgery.

Philly Bully Team scheduled Christopher's surgery, but a snowstorm hit and they needed to reschedule - Christopher enjoyed his favorite treat, whipped cream, while he patiently waited for his surgery! What a good boy!!

Christopher was finally able to undergo surgery to repair the hole in his hard palate. The surgeon ended up pulling out old bone and necrotic tissue from the site. Unfortunately, Christopher's journey wasn't over. He also has several impacted teeth that needed to be removed before he was able to be adopted out.

All the while, his foster family and brother, Max, were taking care of him and seeing him through the ups and downs - making sure he knew just how loved he truly was! And then it happened...

Our best boy Christopher was adopted by his foster brother, @maxthemediumboy Happy tails, boys!! The dentist vet specialist saw Christopher to perform an anesthetic recheck and treat some teeth that died from prior trauma, and we are happy to report that Christopher is doing great!

Many thanks to Philly Bully Team and all of you for taking such good care and supporting Christopher! Christopher was never alone in this fight for his life; with his Rescuers at Philly Bully Team, his CUDDLY Family (that's right - YOU!), and his amazing veterinarian and dental surgeon staff! Philly Bully Team and Christopher received an outpouring of love and support through your kind and generous donations. We are SO eternally grateful to this amazing CUDDLY Family and Community.

A HUGE thank you for teaching and showing Christopher how loving and compassionate life can be when you have a CUDDLY Family behind you all the way! Happy tails, Christopher!

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