The Face of Rescue
September 21, 2016

Dexter was rescued with 6 other puppies. These 6 puppies were the only survivors of a 22 puppy litter born from 2 mothers who lived in chains. All of the puppies were born in the dirt. Once the puppies were them safely with the shelter, Dexter was examined and had fleas and worms. He then was discovered to have coccidia diarrhea followed with parvo. Just as Georgia Animal Rescue Defence, Inc- GARD got him over the hump in his parvo treatment, they found him with a bursted snout. Georgia Animal Rescue Defence, Inc- GARD immediately rushed him to the vet. The vet found that he had a spider bite in his sinus cavity that became infected, causing the burst. This poor little guy has remained as sweet as can be despite his extreme conditions. Dexter was receiving antibiotics, pain medications, and once he was stabilized, the vet would perform surgery.

PoundWishes featured Dexter as the Weekly Wish pet in hopes of spreading awareness and raising all of the funds needed for his surgery. Dexter raised $1,958.00 of his $1,200.00 fundraising goal! With those funds, Georgia Animal Rescue Defence, Inc- GARD was able to pay the vet and move forward with his necessary surgery. The doctor wound up having to remove the skin that had detached, as well as most of his snout. Although it may look bad, Georgia Animal Rescue Defence, Inc- GARD are happy to report that Dexter is recovering quickly! He is eating and drinking without any issues, and GARD have reunited him with his litter mates. He and his sister Venus are currently roommates. This boy is amazing! He is outgoing, playful, and sweet. 

He was adopted by a woman who adopted a pointer mix from GARD over the summer. Dexter and his new sister Chloe are thick as thieves and getting into tons of trouble together. Their mom actually started a Facebook Page for the 2 of them. 

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