April 27, 2021

They say it takes a village, but to actually SEE the village jump into action and band behind our sweet Finn is something entirely different. 

Finn came to us just a few short months ago, after his family took him to the vet and requested that he be euthanized. We immediately rushed Finn from the ER to Schabel Veterinary Hospital, to continue his round-the-clock specialty care under the care of Dr. Jude. He was utterly and wholly exhausted. He was dangerously underweight and anemic.

Doctors immediately hooked Finn onto IV Fluids, antibiotics and pain meds, and then set about running the seemingly-millions of tests and diagnosis required to save him! Side note – we cannot say enough good things about our Veterinary partners at Sheabel Hospital!! Finn's doctors went above-and-beyond, even performing an emergency enema. (He'd been struggling to go to the bathroom - a secondary symptom to the bigger issue - and had not pooped at all. Which is dangerous, especially because he's so small!

But this little guy has amazed us time and time again. Through everything, Finn's persevered. It was not an easy recovery at all, but slowly & surely, he improved over the weeks (thanks to the dedication of his medical team!). They went above and beyond to make sure that Finny got EVERYTHING he needed-especially the amazing Dr. Jude. They have fought for, and SAVED, so many of our ECBR babies' lives. They helped this baby boy get through some of his most difficult times, and loved him through all the pain and frustrations. 

And there's an even happier ending to this story... Now that Finn's healing process is in its final stages, Dr. Jude has decided that she needs this amazing and resilient pup in her life FOREVER!!! 

Here in Kentucky, we have so many homeless and abandoned dogs who are unbelievably deserving, but unfortunately, go far too long without comfort, warmth, and love. And it is only because of YOUR support – felt from miles, cities, and states away – that these deserving babies get a chance at life. Your help made this possible... Finn is alive today, AND he is adopted!

To every amazing person that prayed, shared, and donated – from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you! You all created an ARMY of supporters behind this resilient warrior. His rescue story has been one miracle after another, but now, this baby is getting to live his very best life. He has made the most unbelievable transformation, and today, Finn stands proud and tall. 

Thank you, everyone, so so much. We need more dogs like Finny in this world.

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