Captain Crunchy (Benji)

May 20, 2021

From living in the worst of the worst conditions to this miraculous recovery; Benji's story is one worth telling.

We have so many gut-wrenching questions when we see the physical conditions of neglected animals. ESPECIALLY when they have “owners" like Captain Crunchy (Benji) did. What's the point of having a dog if you're not going to care for him? What's the point of having a dog if you're just going to lock him up in a kennel in your garage? We never will understand it, but unfortunately innocent animals like Benji were forced to pay that cruel and painful price.

Benji was surrendered to a local shelter after his owners were no longer able to care for him…but from one glance at him, it looked as if they haven't been able to care for him for a long time. He has spent the majority of his life in a kennel in their garage where he sat in his own feces and urine. Benji was missing patches of hair, was plastered in urine burns, pressure sores on his hips, his itchy skin was peeling off in sheets, and he was suffering from a mysterious bloody wound on his forehead. But, the most heart-breaking of it all? Benji is an absolute angel and STILL craves love from humans.

His rescue team worked long and hard on this poor boy; he was neutered, had his cherry eye repaired, and had his nostrils widened. Captain Crunchy is now as happy as he can be. Thanks to all your donations (over $1500), we were able to get this boy literally everything he could ever need. Literally everything. We are so thankful for all the goodies and for all the donations. This boy has made a full recovery and has even found himself a loving family to care for him for the rest of his days.

You ALL made this possible and Benji is forever grateful for that. Thank you, SO much.

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