May 24, 2021

This poor senior girl was found all alone freezing in a snowstorm. Her feet numb from the snow, and ice, not a person in sight for days, and nowhere warm to rest her tired body. Mochi came to Coco's house senior sanctuary when a volunteer happened upon her on their way to the vet. She was super skinny, her skin so inflamed from mange, and she had a secondary skin infection. Her eyes were gooey, from the raging infection throughout her weak body. She barely was able to hold her back end up her legs were that weak.

Her jaw and teeth also looked as if it has been broken at some point. Her skin was swollen to the point of BLEEDING. On top of it all, she had litter after litter while infested with parasites. To think she has suffered all these years is too much to even comprehend, but to think she has suffered through the bitter cold brought tears to our eyes. She had a long road to health, but it was made POSSIBLE. She had to get multiple surgeries because her condition was so awful; so many broken bones and her leg had to be amputated. She made it through it all though and thanks to your donations of over $4000! The cherry on top of her happy ending was that she was adopted by her foster! We are so happy that her future looks so much brighter and that she's able to live out the rest of her years with so much love.

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