Merle & Oberon

June 03, 2021

These two kittens were found in a feral colony on the streets. At barely 3 weeks old, Merle and Oberon were still in need of their momma however, being in need of emergency medical attention rescuers had no choice but to take them in for help immediately to receive treatment to save their eyes.

Both Merle our little black female kitten, and Oberon the male Tabby both were diagnosed with feline Herpes Virus. Sadly if this virus is not caught in time many kittens become blind. Luckily, for these two we appear to have saved the eyes!

They were able to raise $500 which was exactly the amount they campaigned for and were able to pay for treatment!

They were responding well and their eyes are looking much better. The rescue's regular veterinarian believes the eyes will recover and they certainly look like they are healing. They continue to improve and we don't expect their vision to be impaired! Thank goodness we rescued them and they received immediate veterinary care. Aesthetically there may be a little scarring on the cornea..but they are going to see the eye specialist. They are absolutely adorable and will be up for adoption in a few weeks. Thank you to everyone who donated towards their care.

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