June 03, 2021

Rescuers received a desperate plea from a woman who found two pit bulls and thought she had found them a loving home. Instead one of the dogs was missing and the second one, Sig here, was in horrible pain and fighting for his life. Her guilt about homing these dogs with someone who didn't properly take care of them was overwhelming as one could imagine.

His rescuers were dedicated to helping poor Sig so when the lady reached out for help for a dog that not only has no one but in fact has been brutally hurt by a human, they didn't turn him away. The shelter would have euthanized Sig and it was just wrong to allow that after this abuse, Sig would get killed because of his injuries. After all, he's been through, he deserved everything to be healed physically and emotionally. He suffered a long time with broken bones, infection and no treatment, and no pain medicine.

Sig was in just awful condition and his journey to recovery was intense. His right front leg needed to be amputated due to the extensive fracture, his wounds and infection that was rotting him away from neglect needed to be healed, his other front leg (left) was also fractured (This means he can't walk and when the fracture does heal the strain on that leg would be too much), and he needed a custom wheelchair fitted so that he wouldn't end up losing his other front leg due to the strain.

He ended up healing very well and was able to start his physical therapy for his legs so his wheelchair could be customized just for him. With your amazing help, Sig was able to raise $5165 which was over his $5000 campaign! The money left over was able to help not only him but also other pups like him so we are SO grateful. Thank you so much for being the best support!

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