June 03, 2021

Hit by a car, leaving tire marks on his back! He is a true Pit Bull - they show no weakness. The car that hit him, the front end was destroyed...thankfully the people did stay with him until help arrived. The extent of his injuries was overwhelming for this sweet pup, meet Denver. When diagnostics were done on this fella, it was confirmed that he had a broken scapula, 3 broken ribs, AND the fractured canine teeth with exposed nerves that needed to be extracted.

On top of everything, Denver was also discovered to have Horner's Syndrome, a common neurological disorder of the eye and facial muscles, along with testing positive for Lyme Disease!

Rescuers at Pit Bull Second Chance Rescue had Denver's broken canine teeth extracted and he was neutered - no puppies for you sir! Thankfully he did well, it was about time for some good vibes his way!!

Rescuers and donors were right there alongside Denver as he persevered and each day he took a step further outside! We were all SO proud of this sweet boy.

As Denver kept getting stronger and better before our eyes, the news everyone was waiting for -- he was getting ADOPTED!! Happy tails, handsome!

Despite everything that Denver has had to have treated, fixed, and more, he persevered! Denver is healed, in amazing spirits AND he is going to his forever home! We couldn't have done this without the help of his donors; because of YOU, Denver was able to raise over $1200 for his treatment, and he is able to WALK AGAIN!! He has found his happily ever after, thank you Pit Bull Second Chance Rescue, and donors!

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