June 07, 2021

Lilah is so deserving, and so undeniably special. So to know someone disregarded her life so easily, and so disrespectfully, hurts.

A Good Samaritan was left shaking and horrified, when she saw this precious angel limping across the street, dragging a chain. And her struggle to escape was blatantly and painfully obvious – showing up in the big, festering, gaping wound on Lilah's neck. It was deep, even cutting into her muscles and tendons, and has been left on for so long that her neck is now open and exposed. She was severely emaciated, down to nothing but skin and bones. And beyond this, then there's the mystery of just what happened to this poor girl's face. (Right now, it was believed that Lilah's little nose and snout were somehow left severely burned).

Fortunately, her luck changed, thanks to the amazingly kind-hearted, compassionate Good Samaritan, who knew she needed to act fast if she wanted to save Lilah's life. She stopped driving – amidst oncoming traffic – and immediately opened the door. And fortunately, and without much coaxing, this sweet girl took her chance, and jumped into her car. Today, Lilah is SAFE and had immediate treatment. Upon her rescue, Lilah was - quite literally - knocking on death's door, after MONTHS of having to silently fight for her own life. The abuse and severe neglect Lilah has faced, however, is overwhelmingly blatant. This poor girl was terrified, and so, so weak. She deserves so much better, and she has for far too long. Sadly, this poor girl's physical and emotional recovery took not only months, but also lots of careful love, some sleepless nights, and most of all, worlds of patience. And while, unfortunately, the identity monsters who did this to Lilah remain unknown, rescuers did NOT let this atrocity go without a fight; they would not - could not - let this innocent angel suffer in vain.

From this day until forever, Lilah is going to live a life THOUSAND times more special, more loved, and perhaps most importantly, she is getting a life entirely her OWN. Today, we are OFFICIALLY slamming the door on what this baby's life used to be, and opening the door to Lilah's brand-new, amazingly beautiful future. Thanks to her donors, she was able to raise over $7000 for her care and over $200 over her budget; the remaining money will go to other dogs like her that need help!  Thank you so much for your kindness and support; because of you, her life was CHANGED for good!

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