June 10, 2021

Unfathomably, Sally was the definition of neglect; her skin was literally peeling off before our eyes, she was covered in countless blisters, and sores riddled her fragile body. We could only imagine how much suffering this poor girl has endured. What made it worse was that people saw her on the side of the road... and did not stop to help.

After being evaluated at the vet clinic; she arrived very weak, malnourished with a high fever, and was severely dehydrated. We had further tests performed on her to make sure we could help her as much as possible and as quickly as possible - time was of the essence! She stayed overnight at the vet clinic for further treatment and was hooked up to a catheter/IV to assist with fluids and antibiotics. Lab work revealed that she was extremely anemic, her fecal showed that she was infested with internal parasites, skin scrape came back positive for Demodex mange. She was given Bravecto for treatment and was also on antibiotics for her skin infection. To our amazement and relief, she has tested negative for heartworms and tick diseases!

Unfortunately, Sally was not doing very well for some time but we remained optimistic that she would pull through and be the survivor and fighter we know she has continually been! To our amazement, she DID persevere! She received so many gifts from donors, she got the treatment that she needed, and was slowly coming back to her beautiful self!

Above all the abuse and neglect that Sally has been through, she remained still very sweet and loving. You can see in her pictures through her eyes how grateful she is for being shown love and care finally. Near the brink of death, malnourishment, and practically no fur left and more; everything had been taken from her. It's hard to imagine that this was ever Sally's reality. Through it all, she remained eager to love, was kind and gentle. Discarded, and neglected are words that no longer define her. It's all been traded in for unconditional love, frolicking in flower-filled meadows, and best of all - her own FAMILY. We couldn't be more thrilled with her adoption!

What also amazed us was how much help she got from YOU donors! With your amazing contributions, she was able to raise OVER $2000 more of her fundraiser! The remaining money will go to so many other dogs that her rescue will be able to provide for! We, and Sally, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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